Monday, September 3, 2012

TOKYOPOP's Favorite Anime/Manga Teachers

These teachers definitely deserve an apple.

For some of us, the end of summer means more than an abrupt end to barbecuing and warm weather; it means that it's time to head back to that prison of learning we call school. But, for every school day that seemed like it would never end, there was a teacher who made it all seem worthwhile. Today, we're paying tribute to those animated educators who taught their class with class.

Yukari Tanizaki (Azumanga Daioh) - Yukari-sensei might just be the quintessential teacher. Depending on the day, she can be the sweetest, most inspiring educator of all time or she can be a brutal tyrant, ruling her classroom with an iron fist. Whatever her mood though, you cannot deny her commitment to her students (even if she does assault her students out of jealousy over the time they got to eat snow crab). We'd definitely be happy to see her in homeroom.

Iruka Umino (Naruto) - One could argue that Kakashi or Jiraiya were more pivotal teachers and role models in Naruto's development from neighborhood menace to shinobi savior, but don't forget about the first guy who really took a chance on Naruto - his hapless instructor Iruka-sensei. From taking Naruto out for ramen to taking an oversized shuriken to the spinal column to save his life, Iruka proves himself to be a selfless, caring educator and a cut above the rest of Konoha. 

Negi Springfield (Negima! Magister Negi Magi) - The term "baby genius" immediately comes to mind when thinking of Negi Springfield, the ten year-old Welsh boy wizard-turned-professor. Middle school was hard enough as a student, but to teach a class of 31 magically-proficient, certifiably wacky middle school girls who are older than he is? We're going to go ahead and nominate Negi for sainthood.

 Nūbē (Hell Teacher Nūbē) - Apart from having a withered stump that turns into a demonic claw which can be used to banish spirits, ghouls and devils to the nether realm, Nūbē is a very relatable guy. He's an elementary school teacher who struggles to make ends meet, spending his salary on pachinko and chasing girls. He doesn't just protect his students from demonic entities; he also keeps them safe from the perils of underachieving. For most teachers, the kids are the demons, but that's why Nūbē's the best.

Eikichi Onizuka (Great Teacher Onizuka) - Despite being an ex-gang member and a certifiable pervert, Eikichi Onizuka is actually a pretty decent guy and, like the title of his series, a great teacher. Sure, he became a teacher to get laid, but what other educator not only gives you a solid foundation in academics, but also engages in a wide variety of extracurriculars like rescuing you from a kidnapping attempt, preventing multiple suicides and helping with your deeply troubled family life? Onizuka-sensei, that's who!

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