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Tour: Circle of Light by Jennifer DeLucy (Excerpt+Giveaway)

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Title: Circle of Light by Jennifer Delucy
Published: Omnific Publishing
Date: October 2012
Series: Light, book #3

Empath and Pathcrosser to the dead, Lillian Hunt has finally come into her own as a Sentient being. All seems well in her brave new world...that is, until a tragic turn sends her tight knit Sentient group on a rescue mission through lore-infested Europe. Their goal is to save the love of Lily's life—vampire Sentient, William Maddox — from both the prejudice of their own society and the dark intentions of ancient vampires. But how will they keep hope alive, even as time runs out?

About this Author:

Jennifer DeLucy is an author of paranormal fiction, most notably The Light Series Trilogy, a freelance editor and a musician who believes in combining talents to create unique and inspiring work. Born and raised in Scranton, Pennsylvania, Jennifer moved to the Midwest in her early twenties, honing her passions and publishing her first two novels before moving to Seattle, Washington in 2012. She continues to pursue new and exciting avenues in both the writing and music fields.

Author Website:

Announcing "Glimpse of Light" to Light Series (and William Maddox) lovers....

We have exciting news! Everyone who orders Circle of Light in e-book or paperback on October 9th or 10th (and those who pre-order!), will receive a FREE PREQUEL story told from William Maddox's point-of-view, describing the events leading up to Lily's retrieval in Seers of Light! Just remember, this is free on October 9th and 10th ONLY, and you'll need to forward your email receipt to to claim your prequel!


“I don’t know about them, but I’m wide awake now,” he murmured. “And you want me. I can feel it.”  You know, this resisting thing seemed stupid, in hindsight. What was I avoiding, anyway? Mind-blowing, life-altering, orgasmic bliss? Maybe I’d suffered some brain damage after all.

Oh, but your pride, Lily. Think of your pride!

What was it William said about dignity being for boring people?

“I relent,” I said, and William groaned his approval, reaching for the base of my nightgown. Up, up, up went his hand beneath the fabric to brush across my skin, and with that tiny contact everything on my body lit up. He was always hoping I’d let him release the whole gamut on me. William takes all. Balanced playing field be damned. And maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to let him show me up just this one time. After all, I was about to lose my sanity in the most indescribable way possible, and…what the hell was that sound?

Who was running up the stairs at this hour?

“Everybody up!” Paul ordered, pounding on our door. Then he moved on to the next room to do the same. “Up, people! We’ve got an issue!”

“Son of a…” William grumbled, lifting himself off me.

I slapped my hand to my forehead. “Be right there!” I answered, still catching my breath.

“All right,” William said. “Let’s go. Come on.”

I got out of bed, waiting as William pulled on a shirt, and then we left the room and joined everyone in the hall.

“What’s the deal?” Katrina spoke through a yawn.

“The deal is…well…just come downstairs and see for yourself,” Paul said.

Despite the various mutterings of sleepy — or blue-balled — disap proval, we all followed Paul to the first floor, and holy crap on a cracker, the scene that met us at the bottom of the stairs was akin to supernatural hysteria.

Everything was levitated — and I do mean everything. Every book was floating in a neat line in front of the shelves, the kitchen table and chairs, each object from the counters, the living room furniture, including poor Paul’s sofa, my and Nicole’s purses, the television, the cd player and more all dangled in the air.

“Holy hell,” Demetre said just as everything started rattling, book against book, chairs against table, banging and clanging and shaking so loudly you’d think we were having an earthquake. Actually, now that I thought about it, the floor did seem to be moving.

Christian pulled Nicole close to him, shielding her head, and Anna set her hands on her hips.

“All right. That is quite enough,” she said in a calm voice, but the rattling continued. “Really, this is bloody well ridiculous!” she shouted. The racket grew in volume as if to spite her, and William sighed, rolling his eyes before holding out a hand and waving it slowly but deliberately across the air. Everything fell at once.

“Yes, well, that helped. Thank you,” Anna offered.

He smiled. “Not a problem.”

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