Monday, January 14, 2013

TOKYOPOP's 5 Feel-Good Anime to Brighten Your Day

Snowed in? We'll warm your heart. 

If films like The Day After Tomorrow and worrywarts like our mothers are to be believed, we could be snowed in at a moment's notice. What is there to look forward to in a bleak, nightmarish arctic landscape? Not much. Fortunately, we've got you covered with five sure-fire ways to warm you to the cockles of your heart with our favorite feel-good anime.

Usagi Drop

Fruits Basket – A literal take on the classic “overcoming of our inner demons” shtick, Fruits Basket is a highly beloved anime for a reason. You’ll be pulling for Tohru to overcome all odds to save her friends and cheering when she finally does. Plus, this is the age of the internet – a girl loving a boy who turns into a cat? Hello, front page of reddit!

Clannad (and Clannad After Story) – There’s nothing more heartwarming than a good love story. While Clannad and After Story have their fair share of tear-jerking moments, watching a young man mature, fall in love, and eventually become a father will inevitably leave a smile on your face. And if you see someone else crying, you can get bonus smiles laughing at them because nothing says "feel-good" like a bit of the ol' schadenfreude.

My Neighbor Totoro – Arguably one of the most popular anime movies of all time, My Neighbor Totoro is light-hearted fun with an adorable style. It’s so cute and cuddly, it actually managed to make dust bunnies adorable (soot sprites, technically) – only Miyazaki could accomplish such a feat. Plus it's good for viewers of all ages, so even both the little ones and your esteemed elders can get in on the fun.

Usagi Drop – Ah, the old “man gets child he’s never met forced on him and must learn how to be a parent” routine. You won’t get us this time! Just kidding – you totally got us with the charming Usagi Drop. Right in the feels. We thought we'd learned our lesson with Tokyo Godfathers, but no, no we didn't.

xxxHOLiC – xxxHOLiC is a melange of several genres that guarantees it’ll have something for everyone – magic, love and, heck, even time travel are prevalent throughout the series. With that hypnotizing signature CLAMP style, you’ll never stop to question how a part-time job in a magic shop could turn into a dozen time-travelin’ misadventures, but just in case you do, the answer is because anime.

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