Monday, February 11, 2013

TOKYOPOP's 5 Bloodiest Anime Series

Because not everyone is full of the warm fuzzies this time of year...

Ah, Valentine’s Day: a day of love and romance…for the sappiest of the sappy, but pink paper hearts aren’t for everyone. Last year, we rounded up the greatest anime romances, but not everyone will be spending the day fawning over a significant other and making eyes at a loved one. So, if you’re looking for something a little different to spice up your Valentine’s this year, try injecting some animated mayhem into your night with these ultra-violent anime series.

Perfect Blue – Less senseless violence and more horrific psychological thriller, Perfect Blue is a perfect start to your Valentine’s Day bloodbath-a-thon. With just the right amount of creepy and weird, this movie teaches us all a special message: nothing says love quite like a murderous obsession. Kind of puts all those Valentines you got in a different light, huh?

Gantz – Gantz gets so gory that minor mishaps like, oh we dunno, a head exploding don’t even register as incredibly violent or awful. And don’t even get us started on the number of severed limbs flying about at any given time. It's like being at the world's grossest Gallagher show. Bring a poncho because this anime is so bloody, you'll feel like you're in the splash zone.

Elfen Lied – The perfect mixture of cute and crazy violent, Elfen Lied delivers graphic violence (and some nudity) with cute pink hair. Take, for instance, a naked Lucy using a woman’s beheaded body as a human shield – her nakedness totally reminds us of Cupid! (The naked-body-shield thing is just a bloody bonus.)

Higurashi – Higurashi is a very special kind of bloody and weird. Conversations are punctuated with stylized violence and each death is gruesome and bloody, but Higurashi doesn’t stop there. Oh no, it takes violence to a torturous level with punishments that’ll have you squirming in your seat. (And checking your hands furiously to make sure all your nails are still intact. Please don't make us research this again. *shiver*)

Berserk – What else would you expect from a series with a main character named Guts? Between the manga, anime series and recently released movies, Berserk has set itself apart with gritty, over-the-top violence that feels chillingly realistic (for the most part) and happens to include bodies being chopped in half. A Valentine’s Day classic, for sure!

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