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Tour: Furthermore: A Guest Post from Stephanie Judice, Author of the Saga of the Setti Series (Giveaway)

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Where did RISING begin? Well, it was a dark and stormy night (cue lightning crash)…no, seriously, that’s where it begins, a dark and stormy night. As a matter of fact, if I had to choose one muse for this story, it would be the impending storm and all it represents—fear, power, destruction, and even the hope of its passing. Having been born and raised in southern Louisiana, the impending storm has seeped into my subconscious. When I started to write RISING, I tried to think of ways to implement the natural with the supernatural. The hurricane became the harbinger and carrier of the evil creatures in my mind long before the words made their way to the page. Having given you that little teaser of where it all began, let’s meet the characters, shall we?

Seventeen-year-old Gabriel Goddard is being plagued by terrifying nightmares about creatures that singe and burn the flesh then absorb the life energy of humans and devour the ashes. Spooky, right? Well, it turns romantic before the scary stuff actually begins. A chance meeting with Clara Dunaway immediately distracts Gabe from bad dreams. He has always had a sort of sixth sense—to feel the emotions of others around him. Clara’s presence numbs his other sense, nearly knocking him into a hypnotic state. Bewildered and fascinated, he is lured in by her. When Clara finally confesses that she has a similar gift to see auras around people, a spark flames between them, ignited by a paranormal force. Fate soon reveals that there is a higher purpose for their attraction. Along with Jeremy, the head-bangin’ metal head; Ben, the air-headed golden boy; Melanie, the kind-hearted Creole; and the old hermit named Homer, they must face a terrifying evil as one. Discovering that they are descended from an ancient clan of Norse warriors, they awaken their dormant powers, preparing for the dark giants' imminent invasion of their home.

So the story sounds pretty serious, right? Well, it is actually. But in the midst of danger, there is quite a bit of laughter and, yes, a bit of love. In the face of an apocalyptic event threatening to end life as they know it, there is also hope and a deep, abiding friendship to carry them through.

The journey continues in RESISTANCE. Gabe, Clara, and the rest of their clan travel north to meet with the gathering Setti training and planning for the imminent attack on New York. Along the way, they must avoid and/or battle the reapers and shadow scouts dogging their trail.

Book two in this saga could very well be described as the calm before the storm. While there are several battle scenes, including one that is quite large, the reapers and shadow scouts move stealthily, tracking and hunting the one enemy with a power equal to their own—the Setti. Clara’s world grows ever more complicated when she meets the alluring, blue-eyed Michael from a new clan, as well as the enigmatic shadow scout Sveigja, who has horrifying plans of his own for her future.

Troubled love, lurking danger, death-defying battles, and oh yeah, comic relief from our favorite Sounder and resident smartass, Jeremy. What more could one ask for? A bit darker than the first, the second installment in the Saga of the Setti series won’t disappoint.

As for me, I’m a southern gal, born and raised. Some of my favorite things are dark chocolate and red wine (preferably together), Gothic architecture, Masterpiece Theatre, family movie nights, full moons, and sultry, summer nights. Some of my least favorite things are “reality” television (specifically, swamp-related, southern shows that have nothing to do with reality), litterbugs, movie-theater-talkers (just HUSH, people), and know-it-alls.

Thank you so much for having me here! It’s been great fun! 


A first date, a lottery, treachery and deceit. Sometimes fate has other plans. Sometimes there’s more to tell.

In Furthermore: An Anthology, eighteen original stories take you on a journey through worlds here and beyond. From the depths of the earth to the embrace of the sea, your favorite series continue. Prequels, alternative views, and new scenes give readers a chance to experience more than originally told.

Including stories from Rebekah Campbell, Amber Garr, David Estes, Leigh Michael, Karen Amanda Hooper, Stephanie Judice, and Mayandree Michael. And most importantly, in honor of those who lost the battle and those who continue to fight, all proceeds from this anthology will be donated to cancer research and support.

SURPRISE VISITOR -Emily has never been a fan of surprises but Eric has something up his sleeve to change her mind. (The Darkness Through The Light Series)

GETTING TO KNOW THE HEAVIES - The two Sullivan bodyguards are still human beings underneath it all. And everyone has a weakness. (The Darkness Through The Light Series)

PEOPLE CHANGE - When Eric asks his dad a question about his mother, it’s time to go back to where it all began and then went so badly wrong. (The Darkness Through The Light Series)

COLD FEET - Kain witnesses Eviana’s deceit on their wedding day and is forced to deal with the consequences of her behavior. (The Syrenka Series)

RIFT - Daniel encourages the group to make a detour to the Grand Canyon, as the distance between the friends begins to rival the great ravine. (The Syrenka Series)

DISCOVERY - Leila’s first encounter with her psychic mentor is nothing short of memorable. (The Leila Marx Novels)

HUMAN RESOURCES – Blake finds a new job while Mac finds a friend who reminds him of home. (The Leila Marx Novels)

THE RUNAWAY- TAWNI’S STORY - After learning of her parents’ treachery, Tawni leaves home seeking to make amends for their transgressions. (The Dwellers Saga)

THE LIFE LOTTERY- A STORY FROM YEAR ZERO - With the survival of the human race on the brink, there’s only one way to decide who will be saved in the underground caves: The Lottery. (The Dwellers Saga)

FATE: Experience Annabelle’s struggle to fulfill the ABA Prophecy in a new light through the parting words of Adrian, Aurelia, Blake, and Lady Katherine. (Annabelle’s Story)

THE SOUND OF LOVE - Glimpse into one of Nathaniel’s previous lives and see how his soul mate reacts when tragedy strikes. (The Kindrily Series)

MUIRNE’S MELODY--To escape her master’s vile desires, Muirne flees into the snow-swept night, finding a green-eyed stranger and a mystical destiny. (Saga of the Setti Series)

JEREMY’S HEART: Calm, cool, and complete scoundrel, Jeremy realizes the loss he’s suffered means nothing compared to true love. (Saga of the Setti Series)

FALL FROM GRACE: Warped by centuries of darkness, the creature Sveigja plots to capture Clara as his queen. (Saga of the Setti Series)

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