Monday, October 1, 2012

Release Event: Impassion by B.C. Burgess (Giveaway)

Title: IMPASSION (Mystic , #2)
Genre and Age Group: Fantasy/Adult
Author: B. C. Burgess
Cover Designer: Streetlight Graphics
Release date:  September 25, 2012 
(Public promotion October 1, 2012)
According to the fairy tales Layla read as a child, she’d stepped into one, but her perfect world has a price, and she may end up paying with her life….

Following three years of loneliness, twenty-one-year-old Layla Callaway suddenly has the extended family she always wanted, a beautiful home in Clatsop County, Oregon, her own prince charming, and the ability to perform astonishing magic. All should be well as she gets acquainted with the powers she never knew she had and the coven she never knew she belonged to, but she continues to mourn the circumstances that got her there while struggling to adjust.

Thankfully Layla has her prince charming – Quin Kavanagh – a gorgeous member of her coven who goes out of his way to take care of her. His gentle hands lead her everywhere, including realms of pleasure previously unknown, so when she learns of his playboy past and a hurtful secret he’s been keeping, her shaky world threatens to crumble.

And it couldn’t happen at a worse time.

Danger grows nearer. Obsessed with Layla’s ethereal beauty and immense power, Agro eliminates leads on his way to Oregon. But there’s a stranger lurking much closer to Layla’s new home, and he’s closing in quicker than anyone knows. 

Leaving a trail of tragedy in their wakes, both wizards crave what Layla has, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

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Impassion (Mystic 2) Excerpt

Layla closed her eyes, sighing her agreement as Quin’s hands slid under her shirt. He flexed his fingers, inciting goose bumps and a shiver. Then he took her by the ribs and squeezed.

A laugh burst from her diaphragm as she jolted and twisted away, reaching for the safety of the floor, but he pulled her back in.

“No you don’t,” he refused, somehow finding every ticklish spot on her body.



She struggled to breathe as she pushed on his chest. “Stop.”

“Or what?” he challenged, sliding a hand to her thigh.

She yanked in air as she stretched for his neck, and in her desperation, she sucked harder than she’d intended. His game ceased, and she softened, puckering around his strong pulse.

“Mmm…” he murmured. “You could calm a battlefield with those lips.”

She slid her fingers into his hair as she pressed closer, kissing again and again; and it made her heady, as if he’d bathed in wine. He swept her hair aside, exposing the sensitive dip between her shoulder blades, and as his hand spanned bare skin, she quivered with an internal throb she’d never felt before. Her heart stuttered then sped, and warmth surged her veins, intensely flaring in some areas while soothing others.

The hand on her thigh flexed around fluctuating muscles then slid to the tender spot below her hip, leaving a charged trail in its wake. She twitched as he gathered her skirt in his fist, his sigh floating through curls to stimulate her scalp. Then he unfurled his fist and extended his fingers, grasping her pelvic bone and butt in one firm handful.

Searing heat rolled over her, curling her in before stretching her out, and her muscles stiffened as her cheeks flamed. She knew she must look like an idiot—eyes shut, head tilted back, chest heaving—but she was too rigid with arousal to do anything about it.

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