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In the Band 
by Jean Haus
Date Published: 10/19/2012
New Adult, Contemporary

When family problems push Riley Middleton into giving up a percussion scholarship in another state and attending college from home, her friends push her to try out for a local rock band. Of course, Riley makes the band. She rules at the drums.

Riley soon finds out rock bands have a different dynamic than marching bands, especially when each of her male band mates has a major ego and is a major player. Two of them relentlessly flirt with her. The other—a dark, sexy rock god she can’t help being attracted to— is a total jerk and pushes her to quit. She becomes determined to ignore his rudeness and his hotness. Even if she was interested in jerks, a hook up would probably get her booted out of the ego-ridden band, and playing keeps her sane. Behind the drums, the world and its troubles evaporate.

If she wants to stay in the band, Riley needs to ignore the growing sparks between her and her band enemy. But as she gets to know the man behind the stage persona, ignoring him proves to be more difficult than flowing through a time sig shift.


I’m humming inside. I could blame it on the alcohol but it’s him. His eyes so dark they’re almost black. Lips so full they draw me to them. The sexiness always dripping from him somehow hums into me. And that word. Beautiful. I want to kiss him. Badly. Desperate for him, I lurch forward. Completely uncoordinated within my rush of desire—and perhaps too much alcohol—I collide with the side of his head.

“Ow!” I rear back holding my forehead. 

“Shit!” Romeo says at the same time. “What the hell was that?” Leaning back, he rubs his temple. “You trying to kill me?”

My face burns as he watches me. My red skin must give him a clue at what I was trying to do because comprehension slowly enters his gaze. 

Still rubbing his temple, he says, “I can’t figure you out. Every time I think I have…” His eyes cloud with indecision. 

Turning redder by the second, I’m about to jump off the bed and run from the room when he reaches out and catches my chin in a tender grip.

About this Author: 

When Jean Haus isn't writing, she's usually reading. Anything from young adult to historical fiction as long as there’s at least a bit of romance, she'll load it on her kindle. She also loves to cook. And someday she will create the world’s best potsticker.

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