Thursday, December 26, 2013

Top 10 (...well 9) Book Boyfriends of 2013

The Top 10 of 2013 is hosted by Jaime @ Two Chicks on Books, Rachel @ Fiktshun, and Mindy @ Magical Urban Fantasy Reads!! 


REMINGTON TATE from Real by Katy Evans

(1) “Why’d you want to have sex with me? To have a fucking adventure? What was I supposed to be? Your one-night-fucking stand? I’m every woman’s adventure, damn you, and I don’t want to be yours. I want to be your fucking REAL. You get that? If I fuck you, I want you to belong to me. To be mine. I want you to give yourself to me—not Riptide!”

(2) “You tie me up in knots. I want to play you a thousand different songs so you can get a clue of what... I feel inside me...”

(3) “You're all I think about, dream about. I get high and low and it's all about you now, it's not even about me anymore. I can't sleep, can't think, can't concentrate worth shit anymore and it's all because I want to be the fucking 'one' for you and as soon as you realize what I am, all I'll be is a fucking mistake!”

(4) “He grabs me and scoops me up like I weigh nothing, then he raises his voice as he swings around, angry and commanding. “It’s because of this woman I’m still fighting!”

A sudden silence falls across the crowd, and Remington’s hard, enraged voice continues telling them, “Next time I'm on the ring, I'm going to fucking win for her, and I want all of you who hurt her tonight to bring her a red rose and tell her it’s from me!”


ULL MYHR from Elsker & Endre by S.T. Bende

(1) "It would seem I was drawn to this realm to be with you."

(2) "Because I want you to know what you will be getting into, if you choose to date me. I have been around for a very long time. But I never felt at home, until I met you. I realize that I have more baggage than almost any other man you could choose, and I promise to tell you about all of it so you can decide whether this is the life you want. Still...selfish as it is, I want to share my world with you. And I hope that, in time, you will come to feel the same way."

(3) "I thought I was meant to live alone. And today...I have more than I ever could have imagined."

(4) "All right. And if I win you have to say 'Ull, Master of my World, you are everything I had ever hoped for and I am so very very very very lucky to have you.' And then you have to make me waffles."


TOD HUDSON from With All My Soul by Rachel Vincent

(1) "I want all of you. Each individual part and the sum of them all. I want you for everything you are and everything you will ever be. I will never have enough of you, because there's no such thing. I will never let you go again."

(2) "Awareness of one's obvious advantages doesn't imply vanity."

(3) "It wasn't just jealousy, Kaylee. I coveted you. It was all biblical and forbidden."

(4) "Feel free to stop telling me what hellions taste like."


AUSTIN MICHAELS from A Tale of Two Centuries by Rachel Harris

(1) "I do see the real you, Alessandra. And I think I'm falling for the girl I see."

(2) "That's some sexy accent you have there. Italian, right? Mmm. Sat something else - how do you say blush in Italian?"

(3) "You know, Princess, I don’t think we need my challenges anymore. I can already tell life with you is going to be adventure enough."

(4) "And I know this isn’t you…though I ain’t gonna lie, this possessive streak of yours is a turn-on."


JAX WYNTER from Everybody Falls by J.A. Hornbuckle

(1) "You're overdressed for the party you've dragged me to, baby."

(2) "You're the first person that didn't know me, didn't recognize me. The only person that treated me like a real person, not some fucked up, burnt out, has-been piece of shit. That life, the fame of the group and fucking everything that goes with that kind of inescapable attention, almost destroyed me, Lacey. It did fucking destroy Denny. I've never met anyone like you. You didn't flirt or ask questions about my life, the drugs, my brother or the band. You asked questions about me, Lace, about me. What I thought, how I was feeling. You treat me like someone you want to know. You kiss me like I'm somebody special, but not the famous kind of special. Just a regular guy who has worth. Someone who you might like to be with at some point. You're beautiful, funny as hell and smart. Your sweetness covers me like warm syrup every time I'm around you. You kiss like a woman starved for me, just for fucking me, and I don't want any of that to stop. I was afraid you wouldn't want me, wouldn't want to even see me if you knew, Lace. And I didn't want this thing that's started between us to..."


CANE ROBICHEAUX from Seven Day Fiance by Rachel Harris

(1) "Right here, Angel. This is my fantasy. Breathing you in, holding you in my arms. Hearing you moan my name. And it's about to get a whole lot better."

(2) "Desire, Angie. Attraction. We have it. We don’t have to fake that. And since we’re alone, and that’s my ring on your finger, it seems only fair I get to steal a kiss."

(3) "Guess the cat's out of the bag. I'm a closet nerd."

(4) "Like you want me to wrap those pretty little legs around my waist and haul you out to my truck. And you shouldn't look at me like that unless you're willing to act on it."


NICK RIXEY from Hard As It Gets by Laura Kaye

(1) "I understand that. But I'm more worried about losing you."

(2) "Whoever did this, Becca, I'm going to make them pay."

(3) "I want to draw on you. Bad."

(4) "You just told them you believed in them again. Thank you."


CAIDEN GALLAGHER from Forever Young by Sawyer Bennett

(1) "I don't know if she has what it takes. Those eyes of hers look way too angelic."

(2) "You're chewing your lip again, Charlie. Maybe I should just kiss you every time you do that. Think that would get you to stop?"

(3) "I don't think I've ever rendered someone speechless by a near kiss experience before."


SAWYER REED from Community Service by Dakota Madison

(1) "I know I'm not exactly the guy that girls want to bring home to their mothers. I guess it's hard because I used to be that guy. The one that girls loved to show off to everyone when we were together. Now I'm the guy girls date on the sly because they don't want anyone to know they're fucking some guy in a wheelchair."

(2) "Things are a little different now, obviously. I care about having someone care about me and having someone I can care about. Sex is part of that but it's not all of it anymore."

(3) "I like that you're seeing me and not always just seeing the chair."

(4) "I think it was my fate to be in a wheelchair but I think it was our destiny to be together."

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