Friday, December 9, 2011

Book Spotlight: Nicholas: The Fantastic Origin of Santa Claus by Cody W. Urban

Nicholas: The Fantastic Origin of Santa Claus
by Cody W. Urban
Published September 1st 2011 by, Incorporated

Did you know Nicholas of Myra lived in a time of Roman oppressive turmoil and persecution? Did you know he is counted as patron saint of sailors and archers as well as children? When his faith was outlawed and his people afflicted, Nicholas boldly stood against the tyranny in such a way that I call him "the Batman of 300AD." After a betrayal, this average Roman soldier finds himself left for dead, floating in the ice-cold Danube River to the far north of Rome. If not for the aid of a clandestine race of Earth-bound Angels, known as Elves by the Scandinavians, Nicholas would have been a name long forgotten. After uncovering the truth behind his betrayal, and of the stolen love back home in Lycia, Nicholas leaves the Realm and travels with the Nordic sailors, honing his skills as a warrior, and ventures home on a path for revenge. His quest takes him to discover a far more sinister plot and brewing darkness in his homeland-one that plagues upon the innocence of youth-and the rushing river of destiny sweeps Nicholas upon a grand adventure culminating in the fulfillment of his destiny; to be the saint we now know as Santa Claus. Nicholas: The Fantastic Origin of Santa Claus written by Cody W Urban is the thrilling exploration into the legends and myths behind numerous Christmas traditions, from the Norse Yuletide to the Roman Sol Invictus, and a ride down the torrents of fate as a reluctant young man steps into the immortal shoes of the patron saint of children.

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