Saturday, June 9, 2012

FBF Book Spotlight: The Keeper by Jessica Crawford Vernold

The Keeper
by Jessica Crawford Vernold
Published November 9th 2011 by CreateSpace

Sixteen year old Kaylee Carmichael has had a rough year with the loss of her best friend in a horrible accident. Things don’t get any easier when her family relocates to southern Florida on an old plantation. She doesn’t make friends easily but she doesn’t need them; she has her horses,her family and her memories of Cassie. But when strange things start happening in the house and on the land and everyone (herself included) thinks she’s losing her mind, a friend may be exactly what she needs. That’s what she finds in Zeke.

Zeke is golden and beautiful and everything Kaylee isn’t yet somehow he seems to be sent just for her; maybe even heaven sent.

As the two delve into the mysteries of the plantation and explore the paranormal, Kaylee can’t help falling for him, but Zeke is hiding a dark secret that could change everything. And things only get more complicated when another strange boy comes into the picture and takes a special interest in Kaylee.

What does he seem to know about her that she doesn’t?

One thing is clear, something evil is awry and Kaylee finds herself right in the middle of it. Even so, all she can think of is how she feels about Zeke. Could a boy so perfect love her back?

She doesn’t think so and she has no plans of finding out. When Zeke finally finds out the truth how will he react and how will he tell her what he’s been hiding?

Most importantly, can the two get to the bottom of the evil that has taken hold of the plantation and protect Kaylee and her family from danger or will this love story have a tragic ending?

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