Monday, June 18, 2012

TOKYOPOP's Top 5 Greatest Fathers in Anime

Because what's cooler than having a badass dad?

For Mother's Day, we rounded up the coolest anime moms, so it's only fair that their animated male counterparts get the same treatment. We hope you thought of these rad dads too while you were celebrating yours this weekend.

 Goku (Dragon Ball Z) - Goku is everything a great dad should be: warm, caring, attentive and has the ability to kick the butt of any other dad on the planet! We do take issue with the fact that he spends more time saving the world than he does teaching Gohan to play catch, but we’ll let it slide because he is, ya know, saving the planet and all. 

 Tatsuo Kusakabe (Tonari no Totoro) - Ah, Totoro. Not only was it cute and care-free, it also introduced us to fantastic anime dad: Dr. Kusakabe. The good doctor not only takes care of his two young girls while their mother is in the hospital, he encourages their imaginative play. Not even that horribly creepy Totoro-is-the-god-of-death theory could make us stop loving this guy.

 Daikichi Kawachi (Usagi Drop) - While Kawachi-san isn’t technically Rin’s father, he assumes the role immediately when he encounters the way in which his family mistreats her and even saves her from being put into a foster home. In the face of hardship, he sticks with her and that kind of loyalty makes for a great dad. Sounds like Gendo Ikari could take a parenting lesson or two from this guy.

 Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon) - The minute Chibiusa falls from the sky, before even finding out she’s his daughter, Mamoru is her biggest supporter. He pays her all the attention she wants (much to Usagi's chagrin) and rushes to her rescue when she wanders off and gets herself in trouble. It doesn’t hurt that this dad is easy on the eyes, either.

 Akio Furukawa (Clannad) - Part of being a good dad is being a good husband too, and Akio valiantly chokes down his wife’s awful cooking day in and day out. He plays baseball with his kids (classic good dad move!) and he gave up his dream of acting to take care of his sick daughter. All together now, guys: awwwww!

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