Monday, May 7, 2012

Countdown to City of Lost Souls {1 Day Snippet}

In the final countdown to the release of ‘City of Lost Souls,’ Cassandra Clare has promised to share a snippet every day leading up to the May 8th release.

Here is the latest snippet, with accompanying artwork by Street-Angel, under the cut:

So this was what her brother looked like. Really looked like. A pale face, all angles and planes, tall and slim in black gear. His hair was silvery-white, not dark as it had been when she had first seen him, dyed to match the color of the real Sebastian Verlac’s. His own pale color suited him better. His eyes were black and snapping with life and energy.

Standing beside him, his golden hair shimmering in the pale sunlight, was Jace. But not the Jace Clary had imagined so often over the past two weeks …

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