Monday, March 18, 2013

Book Spotlight: Beyond Parallel by Matthew Turner ~ FREE 3/18 - 3/22 #NewAdult

Monday 18th March – Friday 22nd March

Beyond Parallel 
by Matthew Turner 
Published January 8th 2013 by Turndog Publishing

One boy. One girl. One insignificant moment that changes their lives forever.

Bella and Clark are two young twenty-somethings, finding themselves in a chaotic and crazy world. One craves love; the other avoids it. Will they find one another, or will a single what-if moment send them down different paths?

In the same mould as Sliding Doors, Uncertainty, and Smoking/No-Smoking, Beyond Parallel flips between two parallel tales. One follows Bella and Clark as a couple, the other as if they never meet.

Friendships, careers, dreams, fantasies…their lives are no different to yours or mine.

Follow their journey over a fast paced, mazy two-years. Highflying careers, book tours, teaching teenagers, hipster warehouses, coffee shop hangouts, a despicable salesman…they’re all confronted.

It’s incredible how a small, everyday decision can affect how you look, where you live, the people you love, and who you become. We could all live a billion lives, but we’re only given one. Is it all a game of chance, or are Bella and Clark meant to be?

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About this Author:

Hi there,

My name is Matthew Turner and I'm a Writer, Reader & Coffee Loving Fiend

I write Contemporary Fiction (mainly coming-of-age) and Non-Fiction (Entrepreneur & Marketing related).

My debut novel, Beyond Parallel, is out NOW, so please wander on over and take a look. I would love to hear what you think.

Thank you and top day,

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