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SWOON Thursday (#40): Open Heart by Emlyn Chand

 Hosted by YA Bound

From the book you’re currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering. Shout it out on Twitter with the hashtag #YABound, post it here in the comments, or grab the adorable button above and share it on your blog! We want to know :-)

Here's mine (This week's SWOON is really long, because I couldn't bring myself to use just part of it. The whole scene is so beautiful.):

As I lean forward to kiss him, I suddenly find myself floating farther and farther away—high above the ground again.

Dax sets me down on a black shiny surface and strolls over with a hand in his pocket. "Oh,we'll have plenty of time for that, but first, I have a surprise for you."

My jaw drops. "Another surprise?"

Rather than answer, he sits on a cushioned bench near me. Ahh, I'm sitting on a baby grand piano. He raises his hands in the air, laces his fingers together, flexes, and begins to play.

I slide across the top of the piano to watch the beauty of his fingers floating across the ivory; his telekinesis is cool, but knowing he's producing these beautiful sounds with physical touch is even more wonderful. He can play, and beautifully. This isn't a song I've heard before. The melody is soft and bright, and warmth spreads through my insides.

Dax jerks his head to the side and fixes his gaze on me. His hands continue to crawl across the keys. "This is a little song..." he plays a few more bars before continuing, "I wrote for you."

Something swells within me—happiness, love, pride. Whatever the emotion is, it's wonderful. I close my eyes and tune all my senses to Dax's words. Looking at him would be too overwhelming.

"Come, let's make your dreams come true. My paper heart, it breaks for you. Whisper to me. Why the tears? Let go of unfounded fears."

Tinkle, tinkle sing the keys. Wind floats through my hair, and urges me to open my eyes again. His are fixed straight on me. He looks so handsome in his suit, in this Indian-styled room, singing these words. I squeeze my eyes shut again as he moves into the next segment of song—I think it's the chorus.

"Andromeda, Andromeda. Beauty trapped within the stars. Andromeda, Andromeda. Let me love all that you are." His words are powerful and kind. They infuse me with light, love, bliss.

The combination of his being here, me being somewhat tipsy from the alcohol, and then a special serenade, proves to be too much for me to handle. My heart flutters in my chest. How I wish I could sing along, but I don't know the words yet. This is a new song, my song.

"At your window, await my call. Reach for me and you won't fall. Catch a wish and hold it tight. The galaxy is ours tonight." Another piano solo, even more elaborate than the first. Peering down at the piano keys, I notice several of the higher notes are being played with the aid of Dax's telekinesis while he continues to tap out the main melody with his fingers.

"Andromeda, Andromeda. Beauty trapped within the stars. Andromeda, Andromeda. Let me love all that you are." This time he moves straight into the next verse. And while the instrumental segments are lovely, hearing his voice is far more magical.

"Now I'm yours. Can you not see? I am you and you are me. Lovers intertwined together. You are mine, my love, forever."

Dax plays a gentle outro, and the air falls quiet.

"Did you like it?" He closes the cover on top of the keys, rises from his seat, and comes to my side, then pushes my knees apart and stands between them, pressing me into the cool, black surface.

I still haven't managed a response. My flittering heart pushes my voice down into my belly.

He chuckles and raises a finger to trace the apple of my cheek. "Well, did you?"

"I... I... loved it," I choke out. Then before I can stop myself, "I love you."

As soon as I say the words, I realize they are true, although incredibly embarrassing. Bashful, I cover my eyes with a fanned hand, mimicking a silly child playing Peek-a-Boo.

Dax pushes my palm down and places both of his on my neck, using his thumbs to knead circles into my jaw. "Where did you go?" He chuckles, and the laughter lights his eyes—emerald embodiments of elation.

I bite my lip and say, "I'm still here. Just embarrassed," from the half of my mouth that isn't clamped shut. The word comes out muffled and indiscernible.

"There's never shame in speaking the truth. Say it again."

My incisor releases the captive lip. "Embarrassed."

He slides his hands from my neck to my face. His fingers reach into my hair. "Not that. The other thing."

If I wasn't flustered before, I certainly am now. For a moment, I contemplate running off into the night or doing something so comical we both forget the whole ordeal. Except—I meant what I said. This time I was speaking for truth and truth alone. Warmth glows in my chest and spreads to my throat, pushing the words up and out. "I love you."

He grins and rushes in for a kiss. "I love you, too. So much."

My knees press into his sides and my ankles wrap around his back. He carries me across the room without ever removing his hands from my face. Gently, he lays me down across the plush sofa, and lies on top of me, my thin cotton dress and his silk suit the only barrier between us. He removes his hands from my face and neck for only the briefest moment, points to the piano and sets it to play "Tonight, Tonight" on loop.

"I could play that in my sleep." He winks and returns to kissing me.

"Te adoro," I whisper when the soundtrack reaches the appropriate point. "Mein tumse pyaar karti hoon. That means I love you in Hindi."

"Mein tumse pyaar karti hoon." His diction is near perfect.

"Karta, you're a boy."

"Karta." He takes off his shirt.
- Open Heart SWOON #YABound

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