Saturday, December 31, 2011

#FEARTHEREAPER: Countdown to Wings of the Wicked Week 3

This time we are counting down the release of WINGS OF WICKED!
The first chapter of Wings will be in the ANGELFIRE paperback out January 17 along with an exclusive scene from Will's POV involving, Ragnuk, Bastian, Ivar, Geir, and Cadan.....
So much excitement!

In the Fear the Reaper tradition, Courtney will be giving away a book and posting a song from the WINGS OF THE WICKED playlist each week, but because some of these songs are massively spoilery, she'll let the lyrics speak for themselves and she will say nothing about what the song means in relation to Wings. These songs will be posted chronologically with their scenes in the book You will have to find out for yourself!

Be sure to check out the Wings of the Wicked soundtrack
to hear songs for the book that she wrote herself!
CD's will be handed out on the Dark Days of Supernatural Tour in February!

Week 3

Song: Draw Your Swords by Angus and Julia Stone

Another chance to win an ARC...and SIGNED at that!

P.S. I was a little (okay, very much) late in posting this. So you only have until TOMORROW (Jan. 1st) to enter.

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