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Review: Community Service by Dakota Madison

Title: Community Service
Author: Dakota Madison
Genre: New Adult Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
Setting Location: Arizona, United States
Publisher: Short on Time Books
Format: Kindle Edition
Release Date: November 20, 2013
Source: Dakota Madison
Content Warning: This new adult romance contains mature language and content indented for adult readers (18+).
Rating: 5/5

Tagline(s): ~NONE~

Summary: As Maggie Mitchell enters her final semester of college, the last thing she wants is a guy in her life, let alone two of them.

Her new lab partner, Sawyer Reed, is still the overconfident and sexy jock that made fun of her in high school. The only thing that has changed is that he now uses a wheelchair, the result of a skiing accident.

Jude Marino is a hot actor who all the girls want and would do anything to get. He works at a local theater where Maggie has been assigned to complete community services hours after rear-ending a police car.

Both Sawyer and Jude want Maggie but only one of them will be able to capture her heart.


Maggie Mitchell has an unexpected reunion with an old high school crush when she enters the lab for her undergraduate studies. But Sawyer Reed is a lot different than he was in high school. He is now in a wheelchair after a skiing accident paralyzed him. Maggie and Sawyer begin to reconnect, when she rear ends a police car and is sentenced to community service at The Little Theater, where she meets Jude Marino. Will Maggie be able to see past Sawyer's wheelchair or will be be blinded by Jude's bad boy good looks?

Although they were complete opposites in high school, Maggie and Sawyer are more alike now that they are in college. They both love science and don't want to do anything else career-wise in their lives. They just seem to connect on all levels. Jude, on the other hand, is one of those intense and brooding artistic types. He loves the theater and acting and plans to go to California when the time is right. Jude and Maggie seem to only connect on a physical level. Sawyer and Jude used to be best friends until Sawyer's accident. They were always competitive with each other, but now that Sawyer is in a wheelchair, Jude doesn't see him as an equal anymore. So now the contest is on for Maggie's affections.

I felt that Community Service had a pretty powerful message at its core. The physically disabled are not any less of a person because of their condition. In a lot of cases it makes them more than they were before. The romance was very sweet (and I'm not saying who Maggie chose), and I was very happy with how the book ended. I'd even say that everyone won in some way at the end. It may not have been what they originally wanted, but it was what they needed.

About this Author:

Dakota Madison has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she's not at her computer creating spicy new romances, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.

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