Thursday, May 16, 2013

SWOON Thursday (#43): Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer

 Hosted by YA Bound

From the book you’re currently reading, or one you just finished, tell us what made you SWOON. What got your heart pounding, your skin tingling, and your stomach fluttering. Shout it out on Twitter with the hashtag #YABound, post it here in the comments, or grab the adorable button above and share it on your blog! We want to know :-)

Here's mine:

"I'll never hide anything from you again. I want you in my life."

She licked her lips nervously, but her eyes longed for me.

"I'm yours, Zoey. My heart is yours." I grinned. "Every part of me is yours."

The corners of her mouth twitched. "Now there's an offer!"

Again I thought of water over a fire. It stirred and rolled as small bubbles began to rise to the surface.

"It's too bad you're so mad at me. If you weren't, I'd strip you naked and do amazing things to your body."

I turned the knob of the front door. "But you're too mad for that."

Her quarter inch of cleavage heaved. "You play dirty, Travis."

"You bet I do. When you're at stake I have to use everything I got."
- Girls Love Travis Walker SWOON #YABound

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