Monday, August 27, 2012

Demons of the Sun Quiz! #DOS

For all those playing along to win awesome Demons of the Sun goodies, here's today's quiz. Remember to tweet your result and include (@RachelHarrisYA) or #FlirtSquad to get the points and then add them on the doc =)

For everyone else just coming by to check it out (HI! *waves*), enjoy this fun look into the world Cindi Madsen created.

Order of Zeus Quiz

The Order of Zeus is split into six groups. While Persephone’s disillusioned with the Order the way it is today, all groups are important to keeping Hades from taking over Earth, like he’s tried to do for centuries. Over time, they’ve gotten a little lax in their duties and some fail to remember the gods at all anymore.

Which group of the Order of Zeus do you belong in? Complete the quiz to find out.

  1. You’re known for:
    1. Being sympathetic
    2. Brute force
    3. Your ability to talk non-stop
    4. Faith
    5. Patience
    6. Being responsible

  1. If someone you know is bleeding is your reaction:
    1. Get a bandage
    2. Go find the thing/person that hurt them and destroy it
    3. Come up with a plan to make sure this never happens again
    4. Say a prayer
    5. Go back to the scene and make sure it’s safe
    6. Mentally beat yourself up for not protecting him or her in the first place

  1. When you’re in a group of friends you:
    1. Talk about cool facts you’ve learned
    2. Talk up all your strong points. You are awesome, after all.
    3. Make sure everyone has a turn to talk and keep the schedule on track
    4. Tune into your thoughts so you can sense if anything bad’s about to happen
    5. Are the designated driver and keep track of everyone in the group
    6. Hang back, half in and half out of the conversation

  1. Your weapon of choice is:
    1. Knowledge (and candy when needed)
    2. Broadsword (and your body’s totally a weapon, anyone can see that)
    3. Cell phone (You can call and text like the wind)
    4. Faith (And helping others. Kindness goes a long way)
    5. Powers of observation (No one’s going to sneak up on you, and you remember who wore what to the big game last weekend)
    6. Shortsword (You avoid a fight if possible, but are ready if it comes down to it)

  1. If you spotted a demon out and about you would:
    1. Wait by the sidelines so if someone was hurt you could attend to their medical wounds
    2. Get your sword out and attack. The world’s safety relies on you
    3. Call a meeting to discuss attack tactics
    4. Offer a sacrifice or prayer to the gods
    5. Try to contain the portal so no more demons can come through
    6. Go and make sure the object your protecting is safe and the demons can’t get to it

Add up how many of each letter you got.

Mostly a’s: Mender
Menders work under Asclepius, the healing god, and learn medicine.

Mostly b’s: Warrior
Warriors, sort of like Zeus’s special forces. They’re cocky, strong, and Persephone quickly learns at least one of them is drool-over handsome.

Mostly c’s: Assembly
The Assembly work together to make decisions and come up with a game plan. They’re well-learned and that makes them a little bit of know-it-alls, but when Hades was making daywalking demons, they put a plan in place to send Hades back to the Underworld and ensure the demons would remain bound to only the night.

Mostly d’s: Clergy
The Clergy is made up of Shamans and Druids, keep records, make regular sacrifices to the gods, and provide spiritual guidance.

Mostly e’s: Gatekeeper
Gatekeepers find weak spots where demons emerge and guard them.

Mostly f’s: Sentry
Sentries originally guarded royalty, then branched out to keeping sacred objects safe. They got called to protect Hades Dagger and keep Hades from getting it back at all costs. Currently, there’s only one left—Persephone.

I'm part of the Sentry in the Order of Zeus! What part of the Order are you in?

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