Monday, August 20, 2012

TOKYOPOP's Impossible Super Powers We'd Love To Have

We asked, you answered - we have the power!

Last week, we asked you what super power from an anime or manga you’d like to have and after looking at your answers (and adding a power or two of our own), we present to you: the 5 badass super powers we long to have.

Alchemy – Now it’s important to note that we’d want the most advanced alchemy powers – no losing limbs in alchemy accidents for us. When you can create almost anything from raw materials, the world is your oyster! Heck, you could even make oysters, theoretically.

Washu’s “Computer Anywhere” – Now this one might not really be a super power so much as it is awesomely advanced technology, but it’s still handy and it’s something we ordinary humans don’t have, so we’re putting it on the list! Washu has the power to summon her computer anywhere simply by lifting her hand. Can you imagine how little we’d get done during the day if we could just lift our hands and have a computer at our fingertips?

Death Note – Again, we’re not sure if this really counts as a super power, but it’s something we can’t pull off, so it’s supernatural to us. They say the pen is mightier than the sword, but nowhere is it more evident than in this mysterious journal with the power to kill those whose names are written in its pages. Now we here at TOKYOPOP are against senseless violence, so we’d only use this power as a bluff. It's such an alluring power that not even Spongebob could resist its siren call.

Bending Abilities – Need to cool down on a hot summer day? Bend some water in your direction! Someone being mean to you? Singe ‘em with a little fire bending action! Take a seat Captain Planet; the Avatar's got this on lock.

Going Super Saiyan – This is kind of a cluster of powers, but it’s too awesome not to include. You get an instant dye job, eye-color transformation, the ability to fly and oh, yeah, incredible amounts of power all in one! What more could you want?

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