Wednesday, August 29, 2012

#FlirtSquad Challenge: What is the Silliest Thing You Ever Did to Get Someone's Attention?

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Cindi Madsen!


I presented our guest author, Cindi Madsen, with the first official Flirt Squad Challenge Question, and I freaking LOVE her answer!

To play along, and earn 25 POINTS toward the DOS Challenge, simply answer the question below on your own blog, Facebook page, or some other public medium, along with a link back to the Official Flirt Squad Welcome post, inviting them to join in the fun....and you know you're having a blast with me on those docs (he he!)

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Our Flirt Squad Challenge Question for the month of August is:

What is the silliest thing you ever did to get someone's attention?
My Response:

To be honest, I'm so sociophobic that I never really did anything to gain someone's attention. And when I did happen to gain attention from someone, I kind of freaked out. That was definitely embarrassing. But I figure that if the person really wants to get to know me, I won't have to do anything special to gain his attention. It will just happen. Kind of cheesy, I know.

What about YOU?? What is the Silliest/Craziest/Most Embarrassing thing YOU ever did to get someone's attention??

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