Wednesday, August 8, 2012

TOKYOPOP's 5 Anime Pets We Wish We Owned‏

Why can't our dog be a hyperintelligent Space Corgi?

 Ein (Cowboy Bebop) – Ein isn’t any ordinary dog – he’s incredibly smart, having had his intelligence raised to superhuman supercanine heights somehow in a research facility. He’s unwaveringly loyal and sticks by Ed’s side even when she tells him to stay behind with the ship. It doesn’t help that he’s also absolutely adorable even when tripping balls
 Pikachu (Pokemon) – Speaking of adorable, Pikachu is probably one of the cuddliest creatures on this list. Pikachu always sticks by Ash’s side and is a determined fighter – even when its own health is on the line. Plus, we’d be able to zap anyone who upset us because, let's face it, Pikachu is just a cuddly li'l ketchup-lovin' taser.

Luna/Artemis (Sailor Moon) – Both of the feline companions in Sailor Moon are incredibly smart, and although they can be bossy at times (like, a lot of the time!) they genuinely only have their masters’ best interests in mind. And, if you ever bump your head and lose all your memories, these kitties can do this nifty mind-meld thing and bring them all back. Our cat just meows disapprovingly and throws up in our shoes.
 Puar (Dragon Ball) – Who wouldn’t want a pet that can transform into anything? Puar is a master at transformation and can take on almost any shape, which means she could turn into any pet on this list. Plus, she’s adorable and she can fly! Need we say more?

 Doraemon (Doraemon) – In the pantheon of on-screen animated cats portrayed by major celebrities, Bill Murray's Garfield will always play second fiddle to Jean Reno's Doraemon! A robot cat from the future can still be considered a pet, right? Not only can Doraemon do amazing things like teach you everything you need to know before a test via tasty toast, he also taught the children of Japan tons of valuable life lessons. Who needs cargo pants when you have a robot cat?

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