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Tour: Red Dawn by J.J. Bonds (Guest Post+Giveaway)

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Katia's done running. She's fought fiercely to protect her identity, her secrets, and those she loves most. And while it hasn't been easy, she's finally making peace with the past. Katia's even looking forward to the start of a new school year at Crossroads Academy.

Too bad things at Crossroads are going to be a little different this fall. There are new rules, new students, and new relationships. Katia quickly discovers that navigating the halls of Crossroads is as complicated as ever.

When a friend's life is at stake, Katia will be forced to choose between the safety of Crossroads and an enemy more dangerous than any she's ever faced. Will Katia have the courage to risk it all -including her life- for a friend?

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Character Interview with Katia & Nik

Hi Christina! Thanks for joining the Red Dawn blog tour! I’m thrilled to be here today with another fun post from everyone’s favorite Crossroads Academy vamps! Katia and Nik have graciously (read: grudgingly) agreed to do an interview for A Bibliophiles Thoughts on Books!

J.J.: So, Katia, your first year at Crossroads Academy was, shall we say, challenging? Are you looking forward to returning to school this year?
Katia: Actually, I am looking forward to--

Nik: Training with me? Of course you are. Who wouldn’t be? *smirks*

Katia: More like kicking your butt. *rolls eyes* What I was going to say is that I am looking forward to seeing Shaye. Unlike some people here, she actually kept in touch over summer break.

J.J.: Aw, Shaye is such a sweetheart! What about you Nik? This is your last year at Crossroads, right? Any big plans?
Nik:  You could say that. *eyes Katia salaciously*

J.J.: Umm… Care to share with the rest of us?
Nik: Not really. Wouldn’t want to make you blush or anything.

J.J.: Uh, okay. Is it me or is it getting hot in here? *fans self*
Katia: I don’t know about the temperature, but it’s definitely getting deep. Next question?

J.J.: You and Shaye got pretty close last year, Katia. Any truth to the rumor that you two will be roommates this year?
Katia: I don’t know what I was thinking, but yeah, that rumor is actually true.

Nik: Two girls, one room? Now that sounds like fun.

Katia: Down boy. No one likes a pervy teenage vamp, especially one with an ego the size of New Hampshire.

J.J.:  Nik, any idea if you’ll be offering one on one martial arts training this year?
Nik: Probably. You know, for those who want to earn a little extra credit.

J.J.: That’s very, erm, generous of you.
Nik: Isn’t it, though? I figure I might as well make the most of my talents. After all, I am the best.

Katia:  Gee, your humility is overwhelming.

Nik: Don’t worry. I’ll still make time for you, Katia. You are my star pupil.

J.J.: All right, enough with the easy questions. Let’s get to the good stuff. You two got into a lot of trouble last year. Think you’ll be able to keep your fangs clean this year?
Nik: *snorts* Not likely. Katia is like a magnet for trouble. Me on the other hand, well, I just never get caught.

Katia: Whatever. I’ve been working on my… issues. Besides, I’ve matured a lot since last year.

Nik: In three months?

Katia: *glares* It’s a work in progress, okay?

Nik: I suggest you just work on steering clear of Headmaster Pratt. That seems like a much better plan.

J.J.: Yeah, what is the deal with that guy?
Katia: He is such a--

Nik: I don’t think we should answer that question. This interview is going to be public, right?

J.J.: Good point. Don’t want to get Katia stuck on work duty before classes even start, right? Okay, last question. How long until you two give up this love/hate banter? It’s amusing and all, but everyone can see right through it.
Katia: I have no idea what you’re talking about, *flashes fangs* but I hope you’re not implying….

Nik: See? I told you. Magnet for trouble. Can’t even get through one measly interview without resorting to violence. Then again, I’m a sucker for that kind of unbridled passion. *winks*

Katia: Pft! *storms out*

J.J.: Well, I guess that’s it for today. Thanks for stopping by Nik. As always, it’s a pleasure chatting with you.
Nik: Of course. Let’s do it again sometime. Three is never a crowd in my book.


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  1. I would love to win Red Dawn, Love the cover! Great interview!

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  3. Very nice interview. I'd like to read Crossroads.

  4. I love the chemistry between Nik and Katia! I'd love to start with Crossroads. Thanks!


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