Tuesday, December 4, 2012

TOKYOPOP's Best Anime Christmas Episodes

'Tis the season for awesome anime, fa la la la la....
Bored of the typical Christmas fare on television? Tired of an island full of misfit toys? We've got your guide to the best anime Christmas episodes to fill you with enough yuletide cheer to power Santa's sleigh from here to Akihabara and back.
 Card Captor Sakura – Christmas time finds Sakura pining after Yukito and, thanks to some matchmaking from Kero, she finds herself on a date with him. There's nothing more romantic than a day at an amusement park, right? Well, unless the amusement park catches fire, of course. Thankfully, Sakura saves Christmas the only way she knows how - with cards!
 Kimi ni Todoke – Ecstatic about being invited to her first Christmas party, Sawako doesn’t know how to break it to her parents, who are very enthusiastic about spending the holiday together. She does end up making a choice that eventually leaves her in tears, but rejoice! It ends happily. Because it’s Christmas, damn it, and that's how things work!
 DiGi Charat – What says Christmas time better than a cruise? Well, a lot of things, actually, but in this holiday special Piyoko invites everyone on a cruise. In true Grinch fashion, though, the cruise turns out to be a ploy to capture Dejiko. Having fun on the Lido Deck? Humbug!
 Vandread – The crew of the Nirvana descends into Christmas madness! Their version of the holiday isn’t religious (which is in-line with the Japanese interpretation), but the ship is decorated with all the trimmings – complete with the traditional emotional chaos of gift giving! In space, no one can hear you scream (especially when you realize you've forgotten to get presents for your crew).
 Love Hina – Yet another Christmas special with love as the main theme. 'Tis the season, right? This time, though, the romance has a special twist – there’s a rumor that if someone confesses their love on Christmas Eve, a wish will come true. So, you could possibly snag a new lady AND a bazillion dollars?! Sign us up!

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