Wednesday, July 4, 2012

TOKYOPOP's 4 Favorite Anime Americans

A salute to those animated patriots.

Sure, America gets a bum rap sometimes, but none of that matters today because we have the Four F's: food, family, freedom and fireworks! Let's celebrate the day of barbecues and independence from being at work by rounding up our four favorite anime Americans.

 Bandit Keith (Yu-Gi-Oh!) - The only thing Keith loves more than being an American is telling you what you can or can't do in America. With his signature American flag bandana, cutoff vest and sunglasses, he is a shining beacon of American style both on and off the field of card-based battle.

 Jason Ozuma (Hajime no Ippo) - While a few people on this list play into the oft-hilarious American stereotypes, Hajime no Ippo's Jason Ozuma is an exception to the rule. Sure, he's a ferocious competitor in the ring, but outside he's a polite, stand-up guy. We'd all be a little better off if we had a guy like Jason Osma in our lives.

 Revy (Black Lagoon) - Although she spends most of her time traveling the world on black ops missions with the Lagoon Company, Revy cut her teeth on the mean streets of New York City. Constantly speaking her mind? An unreasonable love of firearms? A willingness to use "enhanced interrogation techniques?" She's about as American as they come.

 America (Axis Powers: Hetalia) - Let's face it: this guy is America. Literally. He's the country personified. Sure, he's a hilarious medley of entirely non-PC stereotypes (he's bullheaded, constantly eats cheeseburgers and his catchphrase is "I'm the hero!"), but he's our hilarious medley of stereotypes. You know what his problem is? He cares too much. Yeah, we'll just go with that.

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